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So You apparently do not realize you are now illegally hosting content that is owned by iRacing? GOOD JOB! (mediafire):D

also you seem mad

are you mad?

your'e mad aren't you?

DICKS -Paltala


Okay. So where are we hosting the files? -Paltala

Seriously, how old are you Kirby? And didn't you want James to include your sounds in the pack to begin with but changed your mind after a few immature people got upset over at SRD?

Weird I do not recall Editing the site AT ALL. Also just so you know ~ I do not have the time to sully my hands with terrorizing your page. with the one match of my IP I had an IP conflict from my ISP. Please do not say anything rash without proper backup ~ Thank you

Rolled back 2 edits. We're trying to discuss this with you Kirby. Don't try to remove it. -Palt

Also, all these edits have been coming from the same IPs from the same proxy. So please, don't get upset about me telling the truth. - WikiSyop

Double Also, your assertion that, I quote "..provided us with an out of date EULA" is suspect. Has there ever been an update that included a more recent EULA? If not that EULA still stands. You guys can fight me about this all you want, but in the end I have to know what's what - it's all related to my day job.

Again, really? -Palt

Yes, there is no need for this bickering; I have only accessed this page Once last night, and recently. If you have any issues; send me a email and we can talk about it there the fact you are doing this is sad.

1. We do not have your email address, we can't get it out of the ether. 2. If you really want to talk to us about this, in a balanced environment. You can come to the mumble server. It's on the wiki somewhere. -Palt

3. How are we supposed to know who "you" are? Unless you indeed are admitting you are Kirbyfighter12. -Izu