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First apps added as comment, open for discussion


In order to give a more easy and fast browsing of finished tracks i created different tables for each kind of track

Go kart F1 GT Rally Fantasy

Should be ordered by name


Should be ordered by brand and name

Pikes Peak[edit]

Is there any chance for a reverse version of Pikes Peak? We used to do soap box racing back in Netkar Pro ( ), would be plenty of fun getting this going in Assetto. Greetings from Switzerland -- 14:01, 15 July 2014 (CDT)

Point to original sources[edit]

It may be a nice idea to point the cars to their original sources, so they always are up to date. For example, Seat Leon and Volvo truck could point to their video releases, so this videos will contain always the last downloadable link.

As well for those mods that have an official thread on a forum.