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OVGT3S4 is our weekly GT3 racing series in its fourth iteration in rFactor organised by Igor Yourievitch Osten-Sacken-Bogdanoff and Grichka Yourievitch Osten-Sacken-Bogdanoff.

You can download the game at the wiki page or on the OVGT3S4 Google Doc.

If you want to join, please sign up and keep an eye on the Google Document for more information.


Make sure you have it or get out. The points system is meant to be a joke and none of it matters (if you didn't get the hint). Just join and have some fun racing on silly entertaining tracks.

Points System[edit]

First gets 1 point, second gets 2 and so on. People who are on the Google doc but are not in the race will get last place points +1.


Feel free to bribe Anonymous in the thread or in Mumble with whatever you can think of, and we will give or take points away accordingly. This rule applies before the first race of the season so get your bribes ready and hope it is good enough to lose/gain some very "valuable" points.

Restart Procedure[edit]

Race will be restarted if needed.

Car Choice[edit]

No limits. Pick whatever car you want and feel free to change cars every round. Just be aware some cars are (much) slower than others and balancing will not be done.

Rules and Punishments[edit]

Don't drive like an idiot, and pay attention to the flags.

Don't flip Marko Tulska. Unless it's Flip Marko Tulska Day or if flipping him would be really funny.

Track Limits[edit]

Feel free to run wide on corner entry/exit, just expect to be called a faggot and insulted in public especially if you wreck someone because of it.

Creating Skins Guideline[edit]

As usual, you can make your own livery if you like. Skin Templates and the email to which you send it to are now available in a link on the Google Doc.

In your .veh file, set your Category name to Category="OVGT3"

If you need help, please refer to the RFactor Skinning guide.

You can get the "official" OVG numberplate here


- Presence on Mumble is not mandatory, but highly encouraged.

- While the series is open for anyone to join, please practice until you feel comfortable around the track before joining the race.

- These cars use varying amounts of ABS and TCS in real life. Do not be ashamed to activate them if you are struggling.

- Launch control is also available which is very useful if you do not have a clutch pedal. To use it, bind a key to launch control, put the car in neutral, hold the launch control and your throttle down all the way and let go of the launch control button. Be aware that it will automatically up shift for you until you let off the throttle.

- Errors loading in the background? Set Player and Opponent Detail to "High" or "Max".

- File mismatches? Check the IMPORTANT NOTES on the Google doc.

- If the game crashes when you join the server, make sure you have the 4 GB Patch installed (only works with the 64-Bit exe).