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OVGT3S7 is our weekly GT3 racing series in its seventh iteration in Assetto Corsa Competizione organized by Joe (ask who Joe is in the thread).

You can download the game on the OVGT3S7 Google Doc.

If you want to join, please sign up and keep an eye on the Google Document for more information. Despite what thread shitposters say, nobody cares if you're slow and chances are there will be others about your speed anyway. People only care if you're slow and a hazard so if you're very new, put in some practice and you'll figure it out.


Two races, Race one is 20 minutes, race two is 50 minutes. 8 minute qualifying before race one will determine the starting grid for both races.

Race starts will be rolling starts.

Some races may be at night, remember to bind a button for headlights.

Depending on how the weather is, rain may fall in practice, quali or race. Remember to figure out how to pit and change tires if needed.

Don't flip Marko Tulska. Unless it's Flip Marko Tulska Day or if flipping him would be really funny.

Driver Classes[edit]

For this series, there will be an AM and POO-AM driver class. In game you will still be racing for the overall position, but also for your own class as well. This is just something to change up the usual racing and points dynamic a bit, and to give the slower drivers in particular something to think about. Your car will not drive faster/slower depending on what class you choose, it's simply a driver categorization.

If you want to prove me wrong (or right) about your class designation make sure you show up (and sandbag:)) to the test race thanks.


You will be placed into this category if you have won three or more OVGT3 races, won an OVGT3 series, or have placed consistently very high up in the races you have done.


You will be placed into this category if you do not meet the above criteria.

These rules aren't 100% strict (ex. fast driver but they haven't raced much, actual Lewis Hamilton shows up) because much like real life racing, rule exceptions can and probably will be made. :)

Tire Limits[edit]

You have 50 tire sets to use for the entire race weekend (practice/qualifying/race). Make sure you're using a clean tire set for qualifying and race, as the game may give you a slightly used tire set by default. Very slightly scuffed tires that have gone through a heat cycle from being off of the car may be quicker at the start of a run compared to brand new ones but idklol.

Track Limits[edit]

The game will give you two off track warnings, and the third off track will be a drive through penalty. You can find where the track limits are during practice by seeing if your lap time font color turns red when you go off.

Race Restarts[edit]

Unless there's a crash in the first few corners that takes out a decent amount of the grid, the race won't be restarted. At least one person with the ability to restart races will be watching from the back of the grid.

Car Choice[edit]

Feel free to choose any car (and change car every round if you want) besides the Porsche 991II GT3 Cup or Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo. These are not proper GT3 cars, they are just included in the game because they run in the real life Spa 24h race. If you join the qualifying or race session with either of these cars, you will be asked to join with an actual GT3. If you don't you will be kicked. The way being kicked works is you won't be able to rejoin until the weekend restarts so pay attention and don't be funny unless you don't feel like racing.

Extra Things[edit]

-Presence on Mumble is not mandatory, but highly encouraged.

-While the series is open for anyone to join, please practice until you feel comfortable around the track before joining the race.

-Don't be afraid to use ABS and TCS, they use it in real life.

-These cars are first and foremost customer cars, they're meant to be driven by rich Wall Street boomers who have a mild interest in racing, and this game reflects that in the Safe setup presets very well. If your car is actively trying to kill you you're either driving very wrong or your setup is terrible.


This game has a basic weather forecast, you can find the box in the top right of your screen when you are in the main pit/garage menu.

The cloud cover and rain chance percentage for the weekend (Friday Practice, Saturday Quali, Sunday Race) will be based off of the real life weather forecast for Sunday in the area the track is in. Assetto Corsa Competizione weather works off of a % based system for cloud cover and rain, along with another value that affects the stability of the weather.

In an effort to help you have a dry track to practice on, for most of the week until late Friday/very early Saturday (real life time) the server weather will be mostly dry and won't be following the real life weather forecast. When the server is reset at that point it will use the weather forecast of Sunday as explained below.

For example, if our race were to take place on November 23rd 2019 at Misano, the weather for practice/quali/race would be cloudy with a 90% chance of rain.

If during the weekday you join the practice server alone and the weather is not something you want, keep leaving and rejoining until otherwise since the server and weather will reset when the server is empty.


No, you can't do actual skins. You can however use the in game livery creator to make a basic colored livery. Follow the guide here. Also if you're using the Lexus I don't believe you can use a custom livery on that car so go complain to Toyota.

To make this easier for you, instead of downloading his .zip, copy this and save it as [whatever you want].json in \Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione\Customs\Cars and then follow the instructions under the "Changing the Livery" section. Don't bother creating an entrylist.json file, it is not needed.

	"raceNumber": 0,
	"auxLightKey": 1,
	"auxLightColor": 1,
	"skinTemplateKey": 100,
	"skinColor1Id": 1,
	"skinColor2Id": 1,
	"skinColor3Id": 1,
	"sponsorId": 0,
	"skinMaterialType1": 1,
	"skinMaterialType2": 1,
	"skinMaterialType3": 1,
	"rimColor1Id": 1,
	"rimColor2Id": 1,
	"rimMaterialType1": 1,
	"rimMaterialType2": 1,
	"teamName": "lol",
	"displayName": "lol",
	"competitorName": "lol lol",
	"carModelType": 19,
	"cupCategory": 0,
	"useEnduranceKit": 1

Wat Car Iz Gud?[edit]

Most of the cars are easy enough to drive on the safe preset, but anything front engined will be the simplest to drive. In particular the Mercedes-AMG GT, Lexus RCF, or Aston Martin V8 Vantage are very simple, especially on the safe preset setup.

Pay attention to what car you're picking, because some of the cars are either downright off pace or an outdated version of which there will be a newer car. Older cars that you should avoid unless you're trying to gimp yourself are:

-Aston Martin V12 Vantage

-Audi R8 LMS (R8 LMS Evo is the newer car)

-2015 Bentley Continental

-Emil Frey Jaguar G3

-Honda NSX GT3 (NSX GT3 Evo is the newer car)

-Lamborghini Huracan GT3 (Huracan GT3 Evo is the newer car)

-2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3

-Porsche 991 GT3 R (991II GT3 R is the newer car)

-Reiter Engineering R-EX GT3

Very Basic Not In Depth Setup Menu Help[edit]

-The default Safe preset setup is fine, especially if you don't know what you're doing. At worst you may have to adjust tire pressures.

-These cars are pretty aero sensitive, only move ride heights around 1-3mm at once. And watch when you adjust spring rates and tire pressure, those affect ride height too.

-Aim for 28psi hot tire pressure with slicks. Get this pressure by using whatever the default is, driving 5 or so clean laps at the pace you want to race at with no major slides, and then seeing what your pressures are at on the HUD. Adjust if necessary.