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Welcome to the Auto Vidya General Wiki

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Originally started in October of 2012, /ovg/ was the result of Forza 4 threads dying due to the release of Forza Horizon, and /o/ needing a place to talk about automotive vidya. /ovg/ functions as a place to talk about automotive vidya like everywhere else does, except we're on 4chan.

OVGRAGS & OVGEC Spotter Guides
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We take this shit way too seriously

How can I race with /ovg/?

Our series' only requirements for participation are an entry on the Google Doc and reading the respective wiki page.

If you are interested in racing with us, check OVG Racing Series to inquire more information.

Current Series
Every Friday Icon rfactor.png OVGSRC Doc
Every Saturday ASRX.jpg OVGRAGS Doc
Every Sunday Icon GranTurismo.png OVGGT6 SuperGT Doc

Thread CopyPasta

The OP CopyPasta can be found here: OVG Thread copypasta.

So you want to play some racing vidya?

Recommended games are highly rated by regular /ovg/ posters and the wider virtual racing community. The series linked tend to have certain games that are better, ask in the thread if you're unsure. All games are listed alphabetically.

Arcrap Simcade Shitulator
Burnout Series ETS2 (Now with MP!) Assetto Corsa
Fatal Racing/Whiplash F1 2013 Automobilista
F-Zero series Forza Motorsport DiRT Rally
Garfield Kart Gran Turismo Game Stock Car
Gene-Rally GT Legends
Lego Racers GTR 2
Monster Truck Madness iRacing
Tokyo Xtreme Racer Live For Speed
TrackMania NR2003
WipEout (Series) Race 07 (plus expansions)
RFactor and RFactor2
Richard Burns Rally
Blur BeamNG.drive Copa Petrobras de Marcas
Crazy Taxi NFS:Shift and NFS:Shift2 Mobil 1 British Rally Championship
Driver series PGR series RaceRoom
Flatout TOCA series
GTA series Tourist Trophy
Initial D Arcade Stage
Midnight Club series
Midtown Madness series
MotorStorm series
Need for Speed
Ridge Racer
Sega Rally Championship
Test Drive series
Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune

What Wheel is gud?

Check out this doc or the outdated Looking for a Wheel page.

Mumble Server

Download Mumble and install it. Make sure you have push to talk enabled.

Click Server > Connect > Add New

  • Address: mumble.get-good.net
  • Port: 64738

Add a label for your own use and your username and you're done.

When connecting you'll get a warning about mis-matching certificates. That's just because I've used the get-good.net domain instead of the mumble host's domain.

How do I create a skin?

Check out RBDK's skinning guide found here, last updated 30-01-17: https://mega.nz/#!u0NG1Z6Z!98XZge6Hg9ma8WpZnkzqqxtgkA7PdykIJwJV03zkMjU

For details on how to make the skin show up in game, check the page of any currently active league.

You can get the "official" OVG numberplate here


Link to all NR2003 mods can be found on NR2003 Encyclopedia

WAT Racing

You can find some WAT related logos on the WAT Racing Development page

Racing Guides

Guides on getting good are this way: Get Gud Guides.