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A GT2 class Corvette C6

A collection of motorsports resources found all around the internet. Expand your racing knowledge and understanding of topics from driving techniques, to circuit guides and vehicle setup.

General Motorsports Guides[edit]

Advanced Circuit Driving Techniques: ACDT

Book on the Physics of Racing Physics of Racing by Brian Beckman

Skip Barber's Going Faster:

You can find videos on YT for Skip Barber guides on every track.

EmptyBox video on racing online:

Be sure to watch more of his videos in the Sim Racing 101 playlist.

Track Guides[edit]

Circuit Guide of Donington Park

A guide to the Nürburgring: Nürburgring guide

Laguna Seca: Laguna Seca Guide

Watkins Glen: Watkins Glen

How to drive on an airport: Sebring

British tracks need some loving too: Donington


If you can't understand half the shit we are saying Motorsport terms

Random interesting info How to take a corner & Nordschleife